West Virginia Chief Inspector Division Information System:

The WV CID Information System is an online office application which will be used for the streamlining of many business processes which currently take place in the Chief Inspector Division offices. These processes are varied and include items such as the filling out of timesheets, creation of new audit projects, invoicing, payments, scheduling, and facilitating projects which are to be bid out to independent CPA Firms.

WV CID Application Functionality:

- User Login and security
- User messaging system
- User notification system
- Timesheet management system
- Project management system
- Invoice management system
- Bid management system
- Planning/Scheduling system
- Report generating system

“We provided an outline of desired billing and management functions and EBridge undertook what can only be considered a complex and unique project.  EBridge made many insightful observations that have actually provided material enhancements to the original system design.  You have continually provided a line of communication and demonstrated and discussed at length each material aspect of the project before moving into other areas.”

Stuart T. Stickel, CPA
Deputy State Auditor
Chief Inspector Division