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As a professional services firm, our goal is to help you use technology to improve your business. In doing so, Bridge IT’s experienced and credentialed technical experts are committed to understanding your business before offering services and solutions. We know that it is not just technology, but the strategic application of technology that makes a lasting difference.

While many companies provide one solution for a wide range of problems, Bridge IT provides customized solutions that address your organization’s needs. Our consultants carefully analyze organizational responsibilities, business functions, and information systems before designing a business solution.

Connectivity, communication, and the convergence of voice, video and data are essential in the successful planning, design and implementation of your local and wide area network. It is this network that is the foundation for your applications and your business.

  • Our certified network and systems engineers have worked with the most sophisticated Local Area Network (LAN) and Wide Area Network (WAN) designs and will design, implement and support your business infrastructure.

  • Bridge IT's network engineers have designed security systems and backup management to protect the networks of large and small firms in areas of banking, healthcare, legal, manufacturing and government.

  • Bridge IT’s service technicians are extremely skilled in complicated CAT5, CAT6 and Fiber jobs. Our structured cabling team can design, cable and guarantee copper/fiber cable installations for both small and large voice/data networks.

While increased demand for high-speed network access has generated new opportunities, bandwidth limitations between the service provider’s core network and the end-user, often referred to as the last mile, have constrained service providers from meeting customers’ needs for high-speed connectivity. In addition, although many wide-area network backbones have been upgraded to fiber optic cable, the local access telephone network typically consists of older copper wires originally designed to transmit voice signals and data at a slower speed. This last mile bottleneck frustrates a broad base of business users, many of who require symmetrical access to high-speed data that requires transmission at varying speeds.

Wireless Connectivity Bridge IT ’s Broadband or Fixed-Wireless access technology can solve many of the problems faced by wired networks.

  • Bridge IT’s Broadband Fixed-Wireless technology enables high-speed network access unrestricted by traditional wired infrastructures.

  • Bridge IT’s Broadband Wireless technology is also a cost-effective alternative to wired networks and can be quickly implemented.

  • Building owners can offer high-speed Internet access to building tenants, passing on the lower cost and greater flexibility of the wireless network.