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Remote Backup Systems FAQ:

I already have a tape drive and do all my backups. Why would I need a Remote Backup System?

Unfortunately, most small businesses do not do proper backups, even though they may have a tape drive. Some people think they are doing backups correctly, then, when they really need them, find out to their dismay that their tapes are useless. Virtually none take their tapes off-site. Many people who use remote backup systems have tape drives and use them. They like the added security of knowing their critical files are safe.

Won’t you have access to my company files?

No, your files are heavily encrypted prior to leaving you facility. Only you have the encryption key that’s needed to view your data. The encryption key along with other valuable information is given to you at the time of installation to be kept off-site preferably in a safe deposit box or other secure location.

Can I backup my network?

Yes, our system is fully network compatible.

What will I have to do, how much trouble will this system be for me?

You do not have to do anything. Our remote backup solution is completely automatic. After it’s installed on your computer it requires no maintenance. You can just forget it’s there.

What type of internet connection do I need?

It’s preferred that you have a broadband connection (Cable or DSL) but if you have a phone modem and a dial up ISP (AOL, CityNet, EZNet, etc.) it will work with that as well. The only drawbacks to using a modem are the transfer and restore speeds are slower.

How long will my files be kept on the server?

The “Files stored for 30 days” under our pricing structure needs a little more clarification. When we set limitations on the length of time we hold your data on our servers, it simply means that if a file has been backed up more than once during the 30 days, the oldest file will deleted from our server (since there is a newer one in another backup data set). If there are no newer files, the file will not be deleted and will remain on our server with no time limitation.

What kind of files can I back up?

Any type of Windows-based file can be backed up. Also any information that you have mapped to a computer running Windows can be stored.

Is Remote Backup HIPAA Compliant?

Remote Backup complies with the Final Security Rule, but please read on.. RBackup RBS Software will compress and encrypt data before sending it to the RBS Server. Remote Backup offers secure data backup software and data backup systems for online data backup. The Encryption Key generated by RBackup is known only to the customer, and is never transmitted to the Server nor to RBS, Inc. Data are stored on the RBS Server in compressed and encrypted archives that are not accessible by the RBS Service Provider. RBackup Remote Backup Software is adequate to help companies comply with the Final Security Rule. RBS also complies with the Privacy section, even though RBS Providers are not "Covered Entities" as defined by the current rules, and thus are not required to comply with it. In addition, RBackup can help customers comply with other provisions of the rules as part of a larger data protection and disaster recovery plan. At the time of this writing there is no "HIPAA Compliance" certification for backup software, and it is important to note that under the current rules, no software is truly "HIPAA compliant," because there are no regulations that specifically address backup and privacy software.

Will Bridge IT set up the remote backup system on my computer?

Bridge IT will set up the remote backup system free of charge with a minimum one year contract. To be eligible for the free setup you must be within 50 miles from our home office in Barboursville, West Virginia.

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